January 1945 until September 1945

Attached to Air Group 85 on the USS Shangri-La, CV-38



Second Evolution


Paint scheme used while USS Shangri-La being outfitted; new aircraft F4U-1D's “probably” with this paint scheme used approx. 24 July 44 until approximately 3 Feb 45 [when replaced by new F4U-1C's “probably” with evolution 3 paint scheme]

N. A. A. F. Otis Field, Camp Edwards , MA,      3 Oct 44; F4U-1D; BuNo. 57583; side #46; negative no.310. (early -1D’s had -1A three piece sliding canopies with horizontal bars; instead of later 1 piece sliding canopy)


Side numbers painted large (without stencil marks) below cockpit on aircraft of overall single tone Navy blue.

N. A. A. F. Otis Field, Camp Edwards, MA, October 3, 1944; F4U, BuNo. 57583; negative no.311.


This particular VBF-85 F4U-1D aircraft, side number 33 and BuNo 57632 was ditched and written off on 18 Jan 45 by Lt. William Kastler. This same picture and caption appears on page 33 of F4U Corsair in Action; Aircraft No. 29; Squadron/Signal Publications; 1977. Caption lists it as VF-85 which it was in December of 44, but after Jan 2nd 45 when VBF was created #33 would have been VBF-85. Loss record lists aircraft as VBF-85 inventory.