January 1945 until September 1945

Attached to Air Group 85 on the USS Shangri-La, CV-38



About the WebMaster


The Web Master is an ex-U.S. Navy enlisted 1st Class Petty Officer from the land based VP cold-war Navy.  4 years active duty as aP-3 power-plant Mechanic with VP-50; and 8 years reserve duty “1,000 Hour Pin” P-3 Flight Engineer: VP-90.

FAA Certificates held:

Pilot: Commercial/Instrument/Multi-engine.
Flight Engineer: Turbo-Prop/Turbo-Jet.
Mechanic: Airframe & Power-plant.
Ground Instructor: Advanced.

Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Aviation Science from Metro State College of Denver.

Professional flying includes 1,000 hours F/E in the Navy P-3 (L-188 Lockheed Electra variant), and 30 years commercial part-121 airline service with over 4,000 hours P-F/E Boeing 707, over 4,000 hours Boeing P-F/E 747, and over 2,500 hours Boeing 727 F/O and P-F/E.

Retired from 13 years as the only full-time P-F/E flying (and the only A&P Mechanic maintaining) a private B727-200 for a MLB team in the summer and an NBA team in the winter.