January 1945 until September 1945

Attached to Air Group 85 on the USS Shangri-La, CV-38


Aircraft History Extract

Aircraft history extracted from VF-85 Cruise Book

28 May 44        F4U BuNo 50233 ran out of gas by Ken Moos.  Forced landing N. of Woodbine N.J.
04 June 44       “Unk” Hatfield scratche d Corsair, ran out of oil.
10 Aug 44        Joe Horne’s prop hit “Tiger” Toenges’ tail.   Scratch two Corsairs.
20 Aug 44        Kennedy chewed off Kirkham’s tail.  Scratch two more.
02 Sept 44       Carl Widmann spun in and was killed, Atlantic City N.J.
23 Sept 44       Jim Cason water landing.
24 July 44       Started getting new F4U-1D’s
02 Oct 44         Gil Hjelstrom washed out a new Corsair near Cape Cod.
11 Nov 44        Joe Healy crashed and died during night carrier landing quals, U.S.S. Charger.
28 Nov 44        Bob Keslin crashed into 5” gun mount during night qualifications.  The first CV38
06 Dec 44       1,000th Show-Boat landing.  Don Ingens.
28 Dec 44        Jim Rerce crashed into a Howard.
02 Jan 45         Squadron split into 36 plane VBF and 36 plane VF
26 Jan 45         “Swede” Hansen dribbled over the bow on take off and crashed into 40mm gun                        mounts.
27 Jan 45         Bud Barber and Maurice Harrington were lost in a mid-air during simulated attacks by                        B-24s.
03 Feb 45       Captain flew first F4U-1C on board Show-Boat.
04 Feb 45       Flew all “old” F4U-1D’s ashore.
24 Apr 45       7,000th Show-Boat landing.  Jerry Jerrett.
04 May 45        Cannons on F4U-1C’s froze up at 20,000’.  Found out “high altitude gun tests                        skipped in order to get aircraft to Pacific Theater.
07 May 45        High altitude gun tests.  Fail.  F4U-1C’s restricted to low altitude.
10 May 45        2 combat losses due to AA, Dave Kincannon and Tiger Toengen; both bailed out.
17 May 45        Gun heaters being installed on -1C’s. (source DeMott Diary)
02 June 45       1) Marr VBF went in on take off.  Tried to swim to DD picking him up, didn’t make it.
                       2) Fuller shot down.
                       3) Kennedy hit by AA, ditched.  MIA
                       4) Kirkham ran out of gas circling Kennedy and ditched.  MIA
                       5) Chernof, shot down air to air.
                       6) Atkinson lost oil pressure, ditched.  MIA
                       7) Toenges ran out of gas, ditched.
03 June 45       RapCap Zero-Zero weather (zero ceiling, zero visibility) Sunny Sunquist spun in and                        was lost.
04 June 45       Whitney water landing, engine failure.
08 June 45       Ray Meltebeke water landing, engine failure.
                       Red Edwin water landing, engine failure.
08 June 45       “Unk” Hatfield made first barrier landing for Show-Boat after 3,285 successful                        landings (a Fleet record).
10 June 45       Snavely engine failure on take off, ditch.
12 June 45       Mifflin water landing due to engine failure.
14 June 45       All carburetors removed for inspection, and all belly tanks inspected for rust.

         Maintenance Memo June 12
         Maintenance Memo June 12 Transcript
         Maintenance Memo June 15

04 July 45         Pete Dando tail hook broke on landing and went over the side, lost.
14 July 45         McPhee ran out of gas, successful ditch.
                       Bill Clarke no wheel, no flap landing on board Show-Boat.
25 July 45         Johnny More shot down to AA, successful ditch.
                       “Scoop” did a grass-level pull out, ripped off his belly tank.  He returned with grass                        stains on the aircraft belly.
09 Aug 45       Red Edwin 12,000th landing on Show-Boat.
                       “Doc” Snavely landed hot with no flaps, caught 11th wire and tail snapped off.                         Uninjured.
28 Aug 45       Red Edwin 13,000th landing on Show Boat.