January 1945 until September 1945

Attached to Air Group 85 on the USS Shangri-La, CV-38



Fifth Evolution


VBF-85 side #32 accident, showing side numbers on wheel well doors, and showing #32 completely on the moveable rudder below the Z. Accident photos were kept. Normal photos were so mundane and routine, they were very often destroyed.

tailess corsair z

VBF-85 side #26 battle damage. Shows side number on tail half on fixed vertical stabilizer and half on moveable rudder surface. Blow up the picture and you can locate the painted over lightning bolt, and see the location of Navy aircraft stencils.


Shows the 9 Aug 45 VF-85 incident where the tail was ripped off VF#59, FG-1D BuNo 92023. Clicking on thumbnail loads photograph, then clicking again loads blown up version. Zoom in on tail piece, shows #59 completely painted on vertical stabilizer. Zoom in on wing, shows exact placement of new Z marking on right wing.


VBF-#15 in Z paint. One digit on fixed vertical stabilizer, 1 digit on moveable rudder.



Crew photo showing VF #42 number on right wheel well door. White splotch indicates a sudden change in aircraft side number. Switch was taken care of with all white paint in 1 operation. They did not have time to paint the old number blue, let it dry, and then paint the new number in white. They painted over the single digit number and added the two digits at the same time. Aircraft was probably a single digit side number in VBF prior to the transfer.


Crew photo showing VF #42 number on tail below Z. Number is fully on non-moving vertical stabilizer.