January 1945 until September 1945

Attached to Air Group 85 on the USS Shangri-La, CV-38




Air Group 85 lost a total of 5 aircraft, 2 pilots, and 2 air-crewmen.

Of those, VBF-85 lost:


VBF-85 FG-1D BUNO 76516 "(Pilot, location, and reason unknown)"

VBF-85 FG-1D BUNO 88440 LTJG. REED (SURVIVED), mid-air with fighter from U.S.S. Yorktown over Kure, limped back to Show-Boat with fuselage badly cut up, and the tail was ripped off by the force of having caught a wire on landing.  The aircraft was stricken from the record and shoved over-board.  The other aircraft spun in and crashed.

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tailless corsair